Female Fronted Rock in the Midlands

Gallows High are a five piece female fronted rock band. They regularly gig in Leicester and have been traveling further afield in 2018. Fans have spotted them performing in Birmingham, Stoke-on-Trent, Sheffield and more.

Their self titled debut EP was recorded January 2017, shortly after that they became quarter finalists in Metal to the Masses 2017 in Leicester UK.

Gallows High returned to Metal to the Masses in 2018, this time making it all the way to the semi finals. They are writing and performing new material at their current gigs and working on their second EP.

“Tonights semi-final was the first to kick off and it was kicked off in style. We had Gallows High blast out on stage first with a great opening of seriously chunky set of awesome riffs for us all to get stuck into. There was some really nice guitar synergy that worked well backed up by the impressive bass lines. This was exactly the start we needed and they performed 100% all the way through their set with some decent banter and a formula for song writing the clearly works well for them, bringing out some very worthy originals for us to feast on.”   Martin Baker – Music in Leicester magazine


Gallows High Vocalist Eloise Kindred

Vocals – Eloise “Emma” Kindred

Gallows High Guitarist Jake Felstead

Guitar – Jake Felstead

Gallows High Guitarist Matt Hanbury

Guitar – Matt “Hanz” Hanbury

Gallows high bassist Mike Hadland

Bass – Mike Hadland

Gallows High Drummer Josh Chenery

Drums – Josh Chenery


History of Gallows High

Gallows High first formed in 2015 – with no name and just a bass and guitar. Jake and Josh had been at school together and were reunited on a night out in Leicester. This added drums to the trio.

After a while, another drinking session introduced Matt to the band, whilst vocalist Emma was tapped online in 2016. Finally, after a run of unsuccessful bass relationships, Mike was discovered, drunk in Duffy’s – perfect material for the Gallows High crew.


Where did the name come from?

One hazy night in mid 2015, Josh had a late night on the Devils Lettuce. He watched an old film from 1947 called Out of the Past/Build My Gallows High. The next day was band practice, and the name was shortened to Gallows High.


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